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When Technology Used Correctly Makes Difference

Healthcare Solution, Tre prodotti, un'unica Soluzione

Managing, monitoring and safeguarding data and devices in healthcare has never been easier or more effective.


The Complete MDM Solution for Mobile Device Management


More than just antivirus, with EgoSecure you protect your assets proactively


Discover your IT, Monitor and track dependencies in your network

Mobile Devices

Silverback for breaking down barriers

During the Covid pandemic, the use of Silverback simplified the management of devices for patients on Covid wards to communicate with family members outside. Remote management prevented further contagion of technicians in the IT departments of the hospitals involved.

More than Antivirus

EgoSecure for Security

Securing patient data, avoiding intrusions and Ransomware is a daily challenge for Public Administration, thanks to EgoSecure the IT department can sleep soundly, Data Encryption, Intellact and Data Loss Prevention are just some of the Features!

Discover Your IT


Mapping and knowing the devices that populate the network is indispensable to have everything under control, the ability to map electro-medical devices and have a report always ready.

Case Study

Silverback - MDM - Ospedale Fatebenefratelli Sacco Download 

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Hospitalized Patients

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Endpoint Protected

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Mapped Devices

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